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Full Version: Executing keypress from script?
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I've been trying to figure out if i can send a remote keypress from a script. (not execute a script from a keypress)

I found some forum posts and put together:

kodi-send -a "executehttpapi('sendkey(0x00007bdc)')"; but im not getting anything back. 

any pointers? thanks,
kodi-send can be used with the python built-in functions.

List_of_built-in_functions (wiki)

This is pretty up to date and "executehttpapi" doesn't exist at all. I'm somewhat interested where you have found that Wink

Let's start the other way round. What would you like to achieve in the end that it requires a (simulated) keypress from a remote. I mean, kodi-send is pretty powerfull and you can also use JSON to let Kodi do whatever you want. So I'm pretty curious what your goal is.