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Full Version: Could not connect to Kodi Add-on repository
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I run Libreelec with Kodi on a Wetek Play, and recently the filesystem got corrupt requiring a fresh install. After a fresh install, I couldn't install any apps from the official kodi repo. After hours of googling, and trying all sorts of things I FINALLY found this thread. Sure enough, using my phone as a hotspot allows me to download from the Kodi Repo, however, after switching back to my standard ISP I am running into the same problem again.

Has anyone found a permanent solution? I didn't have this problem when I first switched from Openelec to Libreelec about a year ago.
(2019-10-10, 21:18)dwhacks Wrote: [ -> ]Has anyone found a permanent solution?

You may want to enable the "Wait for network" option in the LibreELEC settings add-on. Most of the times Kodi boot too quickly for the network connection to finalize.

PS: posting your own posts in an old thread is not recommended.
Why Is "wait for network" everyone's solution? The network works fine, I can install addons from the Libreelec repo, and any other repo. I can ssh into my box, and I can ping google.com no problem.

I posted in this thread because the solution was never really found and it was the only other instance I found while search that had the SAME issue as me.
(2019-10-10, 21:53)dwhacks Wrote: [ -> ]Why Is "wait for network" everyone's solution? The network works fine,

Because that one of the starting points in a situation where there is no real (other) information.
What (other) technical information have you given? "Could not connect to the Kodi addon repo". That's it. Sorry, but I have no crystal ball.