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Full Version: VDPAU causes Kodi to freeze in Debian Buster with an ATI Radeon HD 5450
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Kodi worked a treat with hardware acceleration (VDPAU) in Debian Stretch with an ATI HD 5450.

Made the mistake of upgrading an otherwise fine installation to Buster. Now, > 50% when trying to play a video with VDPAU enabled, the display will freeze. Killing and restarting Kodi brings it back to life.

On the times that playing a video doesn't hang Kodi, skipping forward in the video almost invariably causes the above.

Any ideas? I'm now using:

17.6 Debian package version: 2:17.6+dfsg1-4+b1 Media Center Kodi from Debian
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Disabling all hw encoding and playback is fine, but is at or beyond the limits of what the CPU can do.

Upgrade mesa. Distro problem, nothing we can do.