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Full Version: map video calibrations settings to a button with a script?
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Hi, I wonder if Its possible to setup a simple script that I can map to a keypress button.
I want the script to alter the screen calibration settings, perhaps zoom too, I need two different settings for aspect ratio for tv shows 2:1 and one for default standard settings (16:9) 
I have an anamorphic lens so thats why I need to unstretch the picture when viewing 2:1 aspect tv shows.

Switching between 16:9 and 2.35:1 is taken care of by the projector but it doesn’t work with other aspect ratios, thats why I would want to program a kodi keypress that changes the video valibration settings and one keypress for switching back to standard settings
Any experts here that can help me, perhaps some plugin, script for this exists already?

I see that the zoom settings can be saved individually for each video, why are the video calibration settings not saved too?, can this be edited somewhere in a script, I see that this thread has many views but no answer, surely someone must have some idea??
all I would like to do is this:
press button a: video resolution, setting x, zoom amount setting x
press button b: video resolution, setting y, zoom amount setting y
come on programmers !