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Full Version: Recommendation for low form-factor video card 4k HEVC
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I am using a micro ATX home built machine from 2013 to run Kodi on Linux. The CPU's onboard video cannot drive 4k output much less decode HVEC 4k content. I recently bought a new TV that is 4k so I would like to use the same Kodi box to drive it at 4k.  Since the CPU is underpowered, I think an external video card to decode HVEC at 4k is needed. I read Radeon has better support in the kernel than Nvidia does. What hardware are people using that can playback 2160p HEVC? Low form-factor and passive cooling are needed for my application.
Upgrade the whole system instead to one of the Intel Gemini Lake boards or AMD AM4 + Athlon 200GE.
AMD and Intel have indeed the best chances in Linux.
Also, HDR in Kodi support is still a work-in-progress.
Good suggestion, from what I read  if you can wait a few months, gemini lake refresh boards should be out.  Intel and Linux get along very well/ UHD 600 should do 4k HEVC.  I dunno about 10-bit though.  I also don't know if AMD has something better in the same cost.  Have to search.

EDIT: According to this, UHD 600 does decode 10-bit HEVC.