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Full Version: Missing / no movie information, fanart, thumbnails
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Hi there,

i am using 18.4 on two nvidia shield tv android pie boxes with a central mariadb library on my nas.
This setup was running successfully for a few years. A few weeks ago something broke.
My movies are in seperate folders each in the movies share on the nas. I use the "files" view under videos to access the movies not the library!
All of the movies on both boxes stopped displaying all the information and art for all movies. So currently there is no longer any movie poster, banner, plot or release year visible when browsing through the share. Just the foldername is visible.
BUT the series share on my nas still works as expected and shows art and information. So the problem is limited to one specific share.

When rescanning a single movie the "info" window of that movie pops up and shows artwork and info of that movie correctly but in the fileview it is still not shown.

What i have tried:
1. rescan movies for new content
2. scan a single movie to library
3. scan a single movie for new content
4. remove movies source and readd it with cleaning the library when asked
5. switching to a different view under files (e.g. from fanart to media info)
6. deleting the thumbnails folder and the textures13.db
7. reinstalling kodi on the box

Nothing fixed the problem. The logfile shows no errors i would link to the problem.
So i installed Kodi on my phone (also pie) and the same movie share which does not work on the two boxes now shows art and info as expected (while using the central mariadb).
I am at a loss here since even reinstalling kodi on the box did not help. Are there some remnants left i need to delete manually when uninstalling the kodi app?. I am fluent in shell and sql and open to any ideas. 

Thank you in advance.

elukiwikat (paste)