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Full Version: Adding HTTP(S) source for music ?
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I would like to add a HTTP(S) source for my music but it doesn't add anything to library. If I use a local folder with the same music files, it's added without problem. But when I add it from HTTPS source, it scans the source but add nothing to library.
I get this error in the log :
Quote:2019-10-22 23:59:39.808 T:6456 WARNING: XFILE::CFileFactory::CreateLoader - unsupported protocol(sources) in sources://music.tbn
2019-10-22 23:59:45.215 T:3392  NOTICE: My Music: Scanning for music info using worker thread, operation took 00:00
2019-10-22 23:59:45.242 T:6456 WARNING: XFILE::CFileFactory::CreateLoader - unsupported protocol(sources) in sources://music.t
Is there a way to add HTTPS source for music ? I don't have any issue with Movies.
Thank you !
Please provide the entire log.

Also a screenshot of your Add Network Location screen. (The one where you are adding the Protocol, server name etc)
Here is the log with debug enabled : https://paste.kodi.tv/ifativuhot.kodi
Here is the screenshot : @Karellen- Link removed for security
I replaced my personal informations with generic names.
Files are tagged with Musicbrainz Picard and the same music files work without any issue if I use a local folder so it's not a tag problem.
Thank you !
Edit : The log is from Windows but same issue with Kodi for Android
The issue is a fundamental one - Kodi music library does not try to read tags from internet streamed data, and it sees any URL starting "https://" (or "http://" and several other things)  as an internet stream. Hence while it locates those files correctly (and could play them) it does not add them to the library because it doesn't read the tags.

Now I'm sure there are users that play muisc from remote sources, and hopefully one of them will come and talk about doing that. There are probably addons that supprt this, but there may be other ways too.
Thank you for this information, I hope Smile
Is there a list of protocols seen as Internet stream ? Perhaps I could switch to WebDAV if it's supported.
The list of protocols seen as Internet stream is
PHP Code:
if (CURL::IsProtocolEqual(protocol"http") || CURL::IsProtocolEqual(protocol"https") ||
CURL::IsProtocolEqual(protocol"tcp") || CURL::IsProtocolEqual(protocol"udp") ||
CURL::IsProtocolEqual(protocol"rtp") || CURL::IsProtocolEqual(protocol"sdp") ||
CURL::IsProtocolEqual(protocol"mms") || CURL::IsProtocolEqual(protocol"mmst") ||
CURL::IsProtocolEqual(protocol"mmsh") || CURL::IsProtocolEqual(protocol"rtsp") ||
CURL::IsProtocolEqual(protocol"rtmp") || CURL::IsProtocolEqual(protocol"rtmpt") ||
CURL::IsProtocolEqual(protocol"rtmpe") || CURL::IsProtocolEqual(protocol"rtmpte") ||
Thank you so WebDAV should work. I'll try to use it.
WebDAV is OK, it scans and add items to library Smile