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Full Version: Does Keymap Editor work with the Xbox One controller?
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I'm attempting to map "Show Info" to the X button and the context menu to the start button.  I navigate through the addon, find the required settings, press the desired buttons on my controller, re-enter the addon and see a string of numbers replacing the key that was there originally.  Press back until the first screen of the addon, select save, and try out the buttons.  Neither works, "X" still prompts the context menu and "start" still does nothing.  If I go back into the addon, I still see the string of numbers that were added when I first assigned the buttons, but it's not doing anything? Any advice?
I'm not sure I completely understand your message (it's late at night here).

But the concept of mapping actions to certain buttons on the Xbox one controller is not as simple as just using the configuration add-on (unfortunately).

All that part does is tell Kodi 'part this button here is 'A' is '0'. And this button 'B' is '1'.

It does nothing to do Kodi what to do in different situations when you're buttons are pressed.

You need to look up on 'joystick.xml' for this.

(I'm still looking in to it)

I've got a basic joystick.xml in place on my Xbox one Kodi install (some actions are as I want them to be) but it needs a fair bit of work yet.

Do look in to joystick.xml if you get a chance.