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Full Version: hdr works on windows, but not on ps4, both displays non hdr
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When I play same HDR movie on my ps4 (plex) TV without HDR and windows HP Z43, UHD620, windows says 8bit, so I guess no HDR I get these results:
- direct play on ps4: colors are just wrong, too bright etc.
- windows direct play: all ok
- ps4 transcoding: tonemapping is wrong or something, lacking contrast, too bright etc.

Why is that? Is there some some magical tonemaping when playin hw decoded (dxva) on uhd620?
(2019-10-28, 00:50)evlo Wrote: [ -> ]Why is that?

F.Y.I. ... There is no official Kodi build for the PS4.

Please contact the people that provided you the Kodi app you are using.
I don't care why it does not work on ps4