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Full Version: Wrong cover art for some MP3 files
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After 4 more years, maybe still not completely fixed.
I have a small number of Single records (old 45's digitized to MP3) in a directory <root>/mp3files/vinyl/single/frontside/filename.mp3.  Each song has its own art in the ID3v2.3
tag.  When I access the files by sorting by album I get a series of albums, all called "single", with 1 song in each one.  The art displays properly in this mode.  However, when I
access the songs through a .m3u playlist all the songs in the "single" directory have the same picture associated with it.  The paths in the playlist are correct.  The songs are all
on an NAS drive which is hard mounted in my fstab file.  As far as I can tell this is the only remaining problem in KODI before tackling the task of getting an IR remote up and
running.  I have removed all the picture files from frontside, and deleted the only file named "folder.jpg", then rescanned; to no avail.  I even deleted the songs that use the
offending art, but it still shows up attached to all the other songs.  Even after dumping and reloading the library, same incorrect cover art on about 6 songs, but only when playing using the playlist.

Two possible solutions to try, I'll post after trying these.
 One: Rename all the "single" directories to a unique name.  This also involves editing several of the playlists as well.
 Two: Remove the "Frontside" directory, since I have no "B" side songs anyway.
Solved.  I changed the directory structure for these 9 songs from <root>/mp3files/vinyl/single/frontside/filename.mp3 to <root>/mp3files/vinyl/single/filename.mp3, removing FrontSide.  It seems that Kodi is more persnickety about directory structure than I thought.  I then had to edit the changes into all my playlists.  Also it took several manual library rescans, then setting "update library on startup", then restarting to get this change in the directory structure to "percolate through the system".  Please note this was not a general problem, but only with 9 songs in one directory and only visible when using m3u playlists.
Thread marked solved.
So after 8+ years we finally solved one!

scott s.
No prizes @wjbishop100 for resurrecting an ancient thread, in future make your own new thread.