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Full Version: Toggle hdmi?
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I'm using Kodi (osmc) and am running into some issues with the hdmi-switch it's connected to. In order for the switch to auto-change the port, I need some easy way of toggling hdmi off/onn, essentially making Kodi force a handshake and changing the port.

Thoughts, anyone?
(2019-10-28, 19:27)Ferdi-T Wrote: [ -> ]Thoughts, anyone?

None, unless you at least provide info about your hardware.
OSMC runs on different boards where HDMI stuff is implemented in different ways.
However your question is better asked onĀ https://discourse.osmc.tv/
Running a Raspberry Pi 3.

Basically you want to use 'tvservice' command with appropriate switches.
You may need to restart Kodi.