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Full Version: Testbuilds /w improved GUI scaling (Kodi 17+18) | LibreELEC /Linux | Mac OS | Windows
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Following up on the discussions from 2008-2019:

- 42857 (thread)
- 200401 (thread)
- 8409 (PR)

- View Example (! view image at 100% 1:1 px size !)

All KODI 18 builds are based on a clean KODI 18.4 nightly with the following additions:

- Added global GUI mipmapping with 2 separate negative LOD bias values
(One for global use and one for the pictures slideshow (which already supported mipmapping before these builds))

- Advancedsettings changes:
- - Possible imageres / fanartres range changed to 1080-9999 (pixels)
- - Database-scaler "imagescalingalgorithm" forced to lanczos
(To ensure the GUI has cached high quality artwork to work with. You should make sure your scraper delivers at least 1080px-height artwork)
- - Added 3 new values to advancedsettings to disable/enable global mipmapping and changing the two LOD bias values (More details a later time)

1) Install or update to the downloaded test build
2) Delete "userdata\Thumbnails" folder to remove old low quality/resolution artwork. With these builds it's recommended to use 1080px-height-hq-artwork. No need to go lower in quality.
3) Reboot and let KODI re-cache and/or re-scrape the artwork from a HQ source (hq local artwork or hq scraper source)
4) Done.


- Download KODI 17.6 DSPlayer64 | Windows x64  (bettergui001-build)  (Alternative Mirror: Dropbox)


- Download KODI 18.4 | Mac OS x64  (bettergui001-build)  (Alternative Mirror: Dropbox)

- Download KODI 18.4 | Windows x64  (bettergui001-build)  (Alternative Mirror: Dropbox)

- Download KODI 18.4 | LibreELEC 9.2  (bettergui001-build)   .TAR  (Alternative Mirror: Dropbox)
- Download KODI 18.4 | LibreELEC 9.2  (bettergui001-build)   .IMG.GZ  (Alternative Mirror: Dropbox)

[ more information and builds (Kodi DSPlayer) at a later time - feedback welcome ]
[reserved post]
Wasn't that PR merged in the end though?
Yes, but the mentioned PR is limited to an initial and purely optional support of mipmapping for the pictures-slideshow function only (using a hard coded LOD bias of -0.5 for OpenGL - on Windows it's missing to set a negative LOD bias).
See picture settings: https://kodi.wiki/view/Settings/Player/P...ownscaling