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Full Version: Renaming with "Dual + Subs" tag
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I know TMM has plenty of template to rename your movies automatically.  As a spanish user, most of my content has several audio tracks and / or subtitles, and I always rename my movies following this rule:

Movie Name (year) [VideoFormat VidecoCodec FirstAudioStreamCodec] [Dual + Subs]

For example...
Batman (1989) [720p x264 AC3] [Dual + Subs].mkv

Obviously, it can happen that the video file doesn't have several audio tracks, nor subtitles, so I would like to be able to tell TMM something like:
1.  If there is more than one audio track and any subtitle -->  Batman (1989) [720p h264 AC3] [Dual + Subs].mkv
2.  If there is more than one audio track and no subtitle -->  Batman (1989) [720p h264 AC3] [Dual].mkv
3.  If there is just one audio track and no subtitle -->  Batman (1989) [720p h264 AC3].mkv

Would it be possible to do in TMM?  Really, it has all the information, and I just need a way to tell TMM how to rename movies following some logics.

I guess for english native speakers this request will not be very interesting, but for non-english speakers, would be really great.

Thanks in advanced.
Nothing on this?  I have found the possibility to do so using Filebot, but I think TMM is much better than filebot, so I was wondering if it is also possible to do it with this manager.

Thanks in advanced.
Everything would be possible.
But since we're having barely time for developing, we concentrate more on features everyone would benefit of.
And this one is kinda... special, and does not really fit into our workflow...

At least, we have to rethink our current renamer, and how we could substitute a number/flag with custom text....
(current template engine might not work out-of-the-box)
I won't say NO, but not in near future... i'm sorry.

Thank you very mucho for your help.  I guess the perfect posibility would be to be able to write some personal code in order to make the renamer work.

For example, with this "line code" I can do what I am looking for with Filebot.  My problem is that TMM is much better than Filebot, and I would prefer to do it all with TMM instead of using two programs as I am using right now.

{n.replace(':':' -')} ({y}) [{vf} {vc.replace('h264':'x264', 'HEVC':'x265','XVID':'Xvid','DivX':'Divx' )} {ac}] {audioLanguages.size() > 1 ? textLanguages.size() > 0 ? ' [Dual + Subs]' : ' [Dual]' : null} [ID {tmdbid}]

As you might be able to read, this code:
-  Substitute from the name the character ":" by " -"
-  Substitute from the codec name:
    -  h264 by x264
    -  HEVC by x265
    -  XVID by Xvid
    -  DivX by Divx
-  Includes "[Dual + Subs]" or "[Dual]" when appropiate
-  Includes the TMDB reference as:  "[ID xxxxx]"

Then, I can have my movies as I told before:  Name (Year) [INFO].ext

If TMM renamer develops to allow something like this, I guess you won't have any competence from Filebot.  Right now, eventhough TMM is much more friendly, Filebot allows to configure a personal naming scheme with more flexibility.

Let's take the "not in the near future" as a possibility, maybe some time from now...

Thanks a lot for your time to respond.

filebot uses another templating engine than we do and ours is much simpler. Because of that we are unable to fulfill your request until we would change to another engine.. and since changing the engine would break all existing template for all our users and needs very much work in tmm, this won't happen in tmm v3.

maybe we will consider this if we do our next big version jump Big Grin