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Full Version: ITX Box (GA-N3050N-D3H, 4GB, 120GB SSD)
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Just my Setup, since my Apple Mac mini 2011 gave up.



- ITX cheap case with external power supply
- GA-N3050N-D3H Mainboard passive cooled
- 4GB DDR 3 L
- 120GB Samsung 850 SSD
- actually Openelec 9.1

All at Samsung M6399 Curved TV with Samsung HT-E4500. And yes, Audio Passthrough is working with this TV Big Grin Picture is perfect, no judder or stuttering for now.

Had many troubles with the previous setup. Mac mini with Xubuntu or W8.1 never worked really well.
(2019-11-02, 10:44)sebden Wrote: [ -> ]- actually Openelec 9.1

I think (hope) you meant LibreELEC instead, as OpenELEC has not seen any changes for up to 3 years...

A similarly cooled (passive) board I use too, a Asrock J5005, with a pico-PSU and a power brick externally. I simply don't like PC noises. Blush
Your right, sorry. It's Libreelec! Yes, no noise at all, veeery nice Smile