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Full Version: "single purpose" skins
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I haven't dug much into this, so I apologize up front if there are already solutions out there -- just be kind enough to reply to my post and point me in the right direction!

I have a couple different types of users to please with a couple different HTPCs. For my own primary HTPC, I find there's a time and place for each kind of view and category (IE, TV Shows, Movies, Games, Pics, Adult...), but for my more 'technologically challenged' users, many of these features just serve to intimidate/complicate.

Thus, I wonder if any development has gone into skins for single purposes? For instance, I could really use a simple skin that boots right into the TV show category, and allows locking out of all settings (akin to party mode).

I know you can choose which views are visible with Aeon, and that's a start, but the XBMC setting for choosing the screen to boot into doesn't work with it, resulting in the need for a user to select the category before the library is displayed.