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Full Version: Metadata Editor - Update library + .nfo informations
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(2019-11-07, 12:29)sualfred Wrote: [ -> ]Getting the language is not big deal. And even if not, I can add an addon setting for it. I just need to know if it differs from setting to setting
I am not sure. Hopefully @olympia might be able to answer

(2019-11-07, 14:06)sualfred Wrote: [ -> ]Regarding the cast again:
The videodb has all actors + thumb location already stored in the videodb file in a own table. If you guys add an JSON call for receive it it would be awesome. 
Do you know if it's against the rules to directly access the sqllite file to get those values? Without writing of course, just reading the table. 
Not sure about just reading. I think it might be. Maybe @ronie can answer if direct reading of sql is against rules.

Also I have just tried the Music Library and it does not work. Errors on line 912 & 979... https://paste.kodi.tv/hajuxefova.kodi
The setting is stored in the sql database. If reading would be allowed, I can fetch it. Otherwise I will use a own setting for it.

Thanks, musst be a typo somewhere. It was working a few changes back. Will take a look.
(2019-11-07, 20:26)Karellen Wrote: [ -> ]Not sure about just reading. I think it might be. Maybe @ronie can answer if direct reading of sql is against rules.

i haven't been actively involved in the addon reviewing process in a long while, so i can't tell you first-hand.
the wiki however still suggests to use json rpc instead of direct db access.

now i haven't read this entire thread, as such my suggestion may not apply, but you can already retrieve actors/thumbs using the
VideoLibrary.GetMovies call combined with a filter: "filter":{"field":"actor", "operator":"contains", "value":"%s"}
I need a list with all global available actors. That is missing via JSON. I've tried to fetch all movies for their cast, but it ends up in a speed penalty. It takes too long (~10s on my DB size). A single sqllite reading would return the values within a snap.

Anyway, I was just asking and I already thought you would not agree.

-> Context menu is fixed
-> New addon setting to define the TV show source which the library is based on (TVDB(default), TMDB)
-> New addon setting to define the preferred language of TMDB for the episodeguide tag
-> New setting to enable ListItem.IMDBNumber writing for TVDB,TMDB. Default is "off".
-> <episodeguide> gets written together with setting a unique ID. But only if .nfo writing is enabled. Otherwise the library won't get touched, because the uniqueid JSON return doesn't include the default one, while the .nfo has it stored.
-> removed season + episode field

New version is on my repo.
Run the script call from Options menu in video library or from any where in the skin along with update/clean libraries actions.
The script cal will have the same behavior as you select to edit Ratings & Votes option ecxept that will preform the update for all libraries items.
Also an argument to tell the script to update movies or tv shows will needed.

Sorry, can't follow you. Can you give me a detailed example?
Something like this...


This will update ratings & votes (after you select/specify the source) for all items in the library. The separatation between movies and tv shows can be done either from an argument in the script call or the script can provide a select dialog for it.

Is this of any use. I think it would do what you are asking.. https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=316342
Yes, i know about that addon but why have to install another addon to do the same job... just for all items Huh
It's not really the same job. I only would add something like this with the OMDb API as source. But the personal free API is limited to 1000 req. a day.
My media manager scrapes the Ratings & Votes, MPAA & TOP250 list infos from IMDB which IMO is the most accurate source. I understand that this my have API limit issues but it will be nice to have the ability with this addon to update these once in a while.

In any case whatever you decide to do will be fine.

Already working on it.
A "paid" OMDb API key is only $1 per month as Patreon subscriber afaik.

I guess that is what you wanted.
@sualfred , I requested in Transifex to translate to Spanish for this addon.  Please approve when you get a chance.  Thanks.


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