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Full Version: Metadata Editor - Update library + .nfo informations
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(2019-11-14, 00:53)sualfred Wrote: [ -> ]{ "name": "uniqueid", "type": [ "null", { "$ref": "Media.UniqueID.Set", "required": true } ], "default": null }

I guess it's too late and I'm feeling dumb, but how would the JSON cmd look like if I want to provide a default like in this line from methods.json?
Sorry @sualfred, I really know little about video lib or JSON access to it. I had a quick look and I don't think you can set which of the uniqueId is the default one from JSON, but I could be wrong. I can see it set from xml/NFO but not JSON doing similar.

The "default": null in the schema method definition means something else, it isn't a parameter property.
Thanks, I thought so.
(2019-11-14, 19:14)sualfred Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks, I thought so.

I'd really like to use your addon in order to update my MPAA ratings, but unfortunately every time I try to install repository.fredsrepo-1.0.8.zip or script.metadata.editor-1.0.8.zip, installation fails... (I don an install from zip in the addons settings menu).
I'm on LibreElec 9.0 (kodi 18.2) on a Pi.
Any clue on why this happens ?
Any log I can provide ?

EDIT: trying to unzip both of these files on my computer with winrar ends up with a corrupted or invalid file format, I've of course tried to dl them again, with no luck.

EDIT2: Damn, direct download by right click corrupts the file, I've had to click on it and press the github download button to get it properly, sorry for the inconvenience !!
Sorry for the double post.
Addon installed with no problem.
I've created an APIKey for Omdb too.
I get some mixed results with MPAA ratings for some movies, but I can't say if it's the addon or something else.
My example is with the "22 Jump Street" movie.
It returns as "NR" in my skin (Aeon Nox Silvo) so I've checked in the NFO file and MPAA tag is sempty (<mpaa></mpaa>).
So I've checked on the ImDB website but since I'm in France I can't say for sure if the rating is correct (it says "tous publics" which is supposed to be the "G" equivalent Huh??).
And a request on OmDB returns the movie as rated "R".

I'm a bit lost on what happens (which is on 10 movies out of 200, so not really a big deal).

Otherwise many thanks for your addon because it has saved me the hassle to scrape again my collection from scratch (I failed on the initial setup to scrape and all my movies returned NR for the MPAA).
All certifications can be found... https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2294449/par...tification

OMDB is correct by returning the R rating.
provide me your myvideos16.db and I can check it what's returning. I assume that no valid tmdb and imdb is stored at your end.
Ah, I see the issue. TMDB has a empty value stored. I'll add a fallback. Gimme a few.
      "iso_3166_1": "US",
      "release_dates": [
          "certification": "",
          "iso_639_1": "",
          "note": "",
          "release_date": "2014-06-04T00:00:00.000Z",
          "type": 1
          "certification": "R",
          "iso_639_1": "",
          "note": "",
          "release_date": "2014-06-13T00:00:00.000Z",
          "type": 3

Pushed a small update that should fix it.
(2019-11-13, 23:41)Karellen Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks @sualfred I will test that sometime today.

Another question...

Every now and then I get asked how can I have two versions of the same TV Show in the library. See here for example over the last 2 days...

You can see the process can be complicated for some users and it took me a little while to make the connection to your new addon Smile Two changes are required...
1. Change the Title of the show. Easily done via your add-on or via the context menu>Manage
2. Change the default ID for the tv show.

We can already see and change the UniqueId for TV Shows. Is it possible to set another ID as the new Default ID. The entry in C12 of the tvshow table is what makes the ID as default.

I imagine this exact implementation is not possible, but something similar?

If I may add to this - It's for the purpose of having two separate language versions of the same show show up separately in the library in my case.
(2019-11-14, 21:22)Karellen Wrote: [ -> ]OMDB is correct by returning the R rating.
Oh yeah sure, I had no doubt about this, 21 Jump street is R rated so I assumed the second one would be R too.
Thing is it looks like in France it is rated the equivalent of G, which is totally the opposite ^^
thx for that link though, didn't know where to look to get ratings by country ;-)
(2019-11-14, 21:37)sualfred Wrote: [ -> ]Pushed a small update that should fix it.
Many thanks for this, I'll update as soon as the TV is free and report the results ;-)

EDIT: worked like a charm !! all my movies have MPAA now, no more NR !! I'm so happy ahah, many thanks !
Awesome, thanks for the feedback.

Have you had the chance for another test? And in your tests, did you also tested Matrix? Because I haven't did it yet. Just asking because I want to submit it this weekend if everything is fine.

I test using matrix, and work fine, I don't find issues, thanks.
Great, thanks. .nfo writing as well?
(2019-11-15, 19:20)sualfred Wrote: [ -> ]Have you had the chance for another test? And in your tests, did you also tested Matrix? Because I haven't did it yet. Just asking because I want to submit it this weekend if everything is fine.
Yes, I have tested the ratings yesterday and they did not work. I then used the same API key in Universal Movie Scraper and it did not work either, so I guess that key has been downloaded by a lot of members and is reaching its limits quickly.

But I tried just now and it downloaded the ratings so it all seems to be working now except metacritic votes. Thanks!!

<rating name="imdb" max="10" default="true">
<rating name="metacritic" max="10">
<rating name="themoviedb" max="10">
<rating name="tomatometerallcritics" max="10">
<rating name="tomatometeravgcritics" max="10">
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