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Full Version: Metadata Editor - Update library + .nfo informations
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Thanks for confirmation.

PR is open -> https://github.com/xbmc/repo-scripts/pull/1200
I'm coming from a thread were I'm wondering how to write the <userrating> I create with Kodi's GUI into the .nfo of the video. Looking at the opening post, it seems the RunScript(script.metadata.editor,action=updaterating,dbid=$INFO[ListItem.DBID],type=$INFO[ListItem.DBType]) action will retrieve <rating> from online sources and then write it to the .nfo. Being that it's close to what I need, I wanted to ask if you could implement a RunScript command that will update a given field on the .nfo of the video. There's currently no way, that I know of, to export the .nfo of one file (instead of the whole library), nor to export a singular field (instead of all the fields).
So you want to skip the dialog and only want to update "userrating" for example so it get's also written to the nfo? Ok, I'm looking into it.
Yes, I'd like to be able to write the userrating of a video's .nfo with a keymap. Thank you so much!
I've reworked 50% of the addon. Could you run a test before I push it to the repo?

I've also added your request for a keymap:
Or do you want it in the context menu?

(2020-01-05, 12:11)sualfred Wrote: [ -> ]I've reworked 50% of the addon. Could you run a test before I push it to the repo?
Sure. Can you give me a couple of days as I am a bit busy at the moment, and your addon takes a bit of time to test Smile
Is this addon supposed to work for editing Music as well? I ask because it is visible from the context menu and you can change the various fields available. The problem is, the addon won't let me exit. The window just keep popping up and I have to manually reboot my system in order for it to terminate.


Yes, artist, albums and songs. For me it correctly exits.
(2020-01-06, 08:07)sualfred Wrote: [ -> ]Yes, artist, albums and songs. For me it correctly exits.
Not for me. I am using Aeon Nox Silvo skin, so I am not sure if that's the problem. I will try with another later on today and let you know.


The rework branch I've posted above? (just for info, updated it today again)
Leia or Matrix?
Not sure if the above post was for me. If it was, then I am on Leia.
(2020-01-06, 13:06)sualfred Wrote: [ -> ]For you.

Please test https://github.com/sualfred/script.metad...ree/rework
Sorry @sualfred, I was at work when I got this message. I'll check this version tonight and get back to you.

UPDATE: Thanks sualfred, this version works perfectly.


Beta release of the new version (on my repo).

Please take a look in the first post or readme.md on GitHub for updated RunScript() calls.

Changes so far:
  • Fixed various issues with the editor and rewrote 50% of the comeplete script
  • Changed rating updater batch handling
  • Added "update .nfo" to the context menu
  • Added "updatenfo" to script actions
  • Added "setuserrating" to script actions
  • Added support for movie sets and improved the set selection dialog in the editor
  • Added dialog to add your own user rating after a playback has 100% ended (disabled by default)
  • Added OMDb limit reached warning
  • .nfo: gets written completely instead of the modified value
  • .nfo: gets created, if missing (can be disabled)
  • .nfo: modified values are now in the top
  • .nfo: more MPAA filter options (skip not rated, don't use US fallback)
  • .nfo: fixed wrong or missing values
  • .nfo: includes watched states now (can be disabled)
  • .nfo: background monitor to automatically apply the watched state to the .nfo (after playback or manually changed watched flag - can be disabled)
  • .nfo: more Emby compatible keys
Just wanted to say thank you very much for the latest update.  Adding the writing of watched state to the nfo is something I've been looking for for a long time.  NFO watched state addon was ok, but very old and unreliable.  Thanks again and I hope you continue to add to this great addon.
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