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Full Version: TV show thumbnails have a rating even when skin settings have "None" for Choose Ratin
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I love the Estuary skin but one thing bugs me. Even though my interface skin settings has “Choose rating to display for media items” set to None, all my TV show thumbnails have a number in the bottom right, I guess via the scraper? No ratings are shown on my movie thumbnails. I would prefer not to have someone else’s rating numbers spoiling the display. This may be a bit OCD, but does anyone know if ratings for TV shows can be suppressed on the thumbnails, or why the "None" setting for "Choose rating to display..." is being ignored for TV shows?

I am currently running 18.4 on OSMC, this has been a long-standing issue though with Estuary.

There's currently not much we can do about that.

Look at this image:


The setting you are referring to is responsible for the rating you see in the green square. The rating you see at the red square is presented by Kodi core if "Sort by" is set to "Episodes". If you change that "Sort by" to "Date" that section will show the date when it was  aired. That comes from an Infolabel ("label2" in that case) and can only be changed in Kodi core. As there aren't boolean conditions for the "Sort by" section available, this can't be solved skin wise AFAICT.

It might be a design flaw, but it's not an issue/bug as the presentation of "label2" works as expected. And the setting you are referring to does not affect that label (and it should not as this label also represents different things).
A belated thank-you for the explanation. Seems to me there should be a GUI-based switch to be able to suppress display of the field in the bottom right of the thumbnail, but I found a way around it. My database is stored on my Synology server, so via phpMyadmin I open the rating table and set the rating to "NULL" for all records. Works perfectly, no eye-sores on my TV show thumbnails, with someone else's ratings spoiling the thumbnails. I periodically run this whenever I add new TV shows, and have clean thumbnails now.