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Full Version: Utilize Year to pick best match (when year included)
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When matching scaped-data, I always assumed that Tiny Media Manager utilizes the release-year -- when it's included in the name, for example "Example Movie Name (2019)". 

Recently I've noticed that does not appear to be the case.  It seems that the year is not used either in the search criteria, or choosing from the list of results, when there are multiple.

I'll give you an example...  Using TheTVDB -- if you choose to edit, then manually search for the  series "Titans (2018)" you'll get the correct show.  However, if you search for "Titans" without the "(2018)" (or you use the automatic scrape) -- the result will be the series from the year 2000.

Scrapers return results in the order of relevance.  When the names are equal, they use popularity to influence the order.  In this case, the series from 2000 is shown with greater priority than the series from 2018.

However ... if you add a year in parenthesis, most scrapers use this to influence their relevancy rating.  The alternative is doing this manually, by choosing the first result that includes a year matching the media name (when available in the media name).

Does that make sense?  Is this something that would be valuable to add?

...Moving on to a second point... Is it just me, or in the legacy version (prior to the new v3 rewrite) were we able to click artwork and choose alternative artwork?  It seems that in order to do this now, you must choose to "edit" the series, then change artwork from this UI.  I could be wrong, but it seemed to be much easier in the past?
1) tvdb is very picky with accepting search term (in common they have a _poor_ search algorithm). Unfortunately we do not have any influence here since adopting the search term could result in nothing being found.
2) we try to make the available year from tmm to have any influence in the search result, but tvdb does not even return a year or aired date along with the search result (EDIT: for some shows, but it does for others). What should we compare here? We cannot scrape all search results just to get the year for a bit better result score calculation Sad I am afraid but I would say you should not scrape the TV show itself automatically
3) changing the artwork of any entity inside tmm has always to be done via the respective editors
I've just added a small enhancement in the result score calculation for TVDB: if we scrape along with any year, but tvdb does not offer any year in the search result, we do a score downgrade:

searchstring: Titans
year of the TV show already in tmm (through update datasources): 2018

result 1: Titans (2000, not offering any year) - score 0.99
result 2: Titans (2018, offering 2018) - score 1.00 since title AND year matches

I hope this will not produce any other impacts in the search Wink