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Full Version: Open in source folder
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When editing movie to add missing artwork by clicking on poster or fanart opens new window. At the bottom clicking on "Choose file" opens file folder last opened or default window. It would be less tedious for one if it opens the file folder of the source movie that is being edited. Thanks.
you cannot make it right for everyone..
another one says that it should stay the same (because he is using the ~/Downloads/ folder for picking up the images).

and I don't think we should make settings more cluttered by providing a setting here (how to decide in the setting which folder should be used?)

another question: why do you need the folder for the entity? why isn't the image picked up automatically?
Thanks for the prompt reply. Reason for asking is 'coz Kodi format is each movie in own folder with metadata, srt, movie, artwork etc. Hence I asked.
(2019-11-19, 19:37)MD5457 Wrote: [ -> ]When editing movie to add missing artwork

back to the question again Wink why do you have missing artwork in the movie folder which is not detected by tmm?
Personally, I often add graphics manually. Mostly in older movies, the graphics are of poor quality on MovieDB or not. What a colleague wrote above suits me and makes it easier - but it's a matter of taste ...
Using only tmdb for scraping artwork. 98% of my movies were already scraped via Kodi. I mostly found fanart missing.