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Full Version: Wrong illustrations and album names
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Hello !
I have a weird issue with kodi (Raspberry with LibreElec), some artists don't have the good informations, even if I have all tagged with MusicBrainz Picard.
For exemple :
The illustrations (big and little), and album name are wrong, even if tags are the good ones...

I tried to remove/add the music source on Kodi, delete the database, choose option to not search for additionnal information online... And now I'm stuck and don't know what I can do :/

So, any help would be very appreciated ^^

Thank you in advance !
I don't know how to edit my post, here is a link with better quality : https://ibb.co/qd3SbNh
I think you are saying that the scrapers mis-identified some albums (and artists?), which is surprizing if the music files were tagged using Picard and include Musicbrainz Id tags. But you said that the album name is wrong too, and I don't see how scraping could change that.

If you disable "Fetch additional information on library update", and  load your music files into a clean library (what I think you say you have done now) are all the artists and albums listed correctly? Have the album covers been picked up? Note they may take a few minutes to load the first time, this Kodi populating its cache with images for faster access next time.

If that is correct, and I hope that it will be, then try scraping but do that with debug enabled so that it creates log entries. Try artists first - go to the artists node (list of artists) and choose "Query information for all" from the context menu. This will fetch additional artist information and artwork. Then go to the albums node (list of albums) and choose "Query information for all" from the context menu. This will fetch additional album information and artwork.

If you end up with incorrect art then please give details of what is wrong and pasting the debug log file.
Sorry for the late answer. I started re tagging my entire music folder.
I just finished and after a scan with Kodi, I feel like everything's okay. I don't understand why I had these problems, I had already tagged everything with MusicBrainz, but I realized that there were some tagging issues with some albums, maybe that caused my problems...
Thank you for taking the time to answer me! I will not hesitate to give news if I see that the problem is still present ^^
Have a good evening! Smile

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