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Full Version: Information about the size of the movie
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please request:
I'd like to add information about the size of the movie to Estuary or another skin (in Libreelec on Raspberry).
So there was another extra white box. And, eventually, it was the size of each movie - in the line view.
See photo please.

Is it possible to do this at home, or is it just a job for an experienced developer?

I found only this:
which seems to me that it could, but I don't know where to put it.

thanks a lot

for things like this it is in Includes.xml
<include name="MediaFlag">
<include content="InfoFlag">
                    <param name="label" value="$INFO[ListItem.Size]" />
but size just gets 00000000b

Maybe this is just one of several necessary steps. Maybe there must be another change to xml - that it will be added from where to get that size?
Try to ask the forum https://www.xbmc-kodi.cz/. Find theme Skiny > Estuary Easy. This topic is about the Estuary skin customizing. I am no longer active there, but there are others who will certainly advise you.
why this will not work there is no file size stored in the database

<control type="label">

you would need to work out how to [ListItem.FileNameAndPath] and [ListItem.size] from there
Thank you for your feedback and suggestions.