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Full Version: Who is the maintainer of pvr.hdhomerun now?
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Just read your other post in the RFC, had a chuckle.

I personally dont use the DVR engine with my hdhomeruns, but im sure people who do, or want to, use the dvr engine would appreciated it. Always happy to look over any hdhomerun PR's, and im sure ksooo could have his arm twisted for sage advice from time to time about architecture and what not.

Dont feel you have to, but at the very least i would consider anything raised in a PR. Doesnt necessarily mean it'll go in (see my pvrhdhomerun PR history, haha), but if you're willing to put in the time, by all means.
Send one over to ya that enables Recorded TV, would love your thoughts as time permits Smile  BTW, I really like the way the JSON is handled in this addon, my choice to build out a SQLite database feels extremely over-engineered in comparison!
Saw that, from the phone view it looks nice and clean. I'll have a proper look tomorrow. Cheers
While the PR didn't work out, I've found that the underlying reason seems systemic to Matrix right now.  I haven't given up on it, but I think the new inputstream.ffmpeg module will be required to pull it off without tons of code since it seems to allow for properties to deal with all the weirdness.  Just wanted to let you know that I do still intend to help get people with the DVR subscription over here where they should be Smile

I need to look into the "systemic" Matrix issue some more, hanging up while playing recordings via the PVR interface seems to happen with a lot of PVRs that I've tried, including my own.  If we get close to Matrix being a release candidate I may open an issue instead to make sure it at least gets seen.  It's probably something minor.
I do wonder if the bump in ffmpeg will have a change in behaviour.


Fairly large bump from the current 4.0.4 that's used.
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