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Full Version: tmdb - Added new movie, but it won't scan
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I'm running LibreELEC on a RPI3.  I have been using it to play movies in the car for over a year, and when I add a new MP4 or MKV file to my /storage/movies folder and Update Library, it usually scans just fine.

Today, I added "UglyDolls.mp4" and it will not scan / add to my library.  Can anyone advise why this is happening? 

From looking at the log, it seems like it called out to tmdb API and returned an empty <results></results> ??  But I can make the same API call from my Windows PC and I get back results describing the movie.  (I copy/pasted the URL from my log file)  Note: when I did this, both my RPI3 and my Windows PC were connected to the same WIFI network.  Log file was obtained over SSH using PuTTY.

Debug log:
Try updating your scraper from 5.1.8 to the latest 5.1.10

I fixed this issue by adding a .nfo file to each movie's folder

That file contained just the IMDB URL for the movie