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Full Version: Saved Games (not save states)
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So I’ve been playing Chrono Trigger lately, and my save state must have become corrupted, because it was only loading to a blank screen. Ok then - I saved at save points, so I’ll just load from the title screen and use my save file.
That worked, but for some reason the latest save game was an entire session too old. Anyone who’s played RPGs can understand that I am unwilling to simply grind back to where I left off.

So my plan was to download a saved game from someone online, in the form of a .srm file. The only question is, where would I transplant this file? I’ve found where the save states are stored (in the corresponding rom folder), but cannot find the saved games. Unless they are in the appdata userdata folder called InGameSaves? But if so, those are all .sav files too, which tells me they are also savestates (how they ended up here and not the usual location being a mystery), or that battery saves have the same .sav extension (which concerns me about the transplant if so; can I simply rename a .srm file to .sav? I’m doubting that.).

Anyone able to clue me in?

(And one can only hope that these UI issues will be improved in v19, grateful as I am for what works now)
That's something I'm curious about also. It would be nice to have a backup of this kind of thing or be able to move it off of my c drive.