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Full Version: Mods releasing?
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i made a mod form the vinci skin and ive asked the creator in his thread and thru private msg. but i got no answer from him but ive seen a couple of times that he as been on. now ppl have asked me to release the mod but i dont want to get banned by breaking some kinda rules. anyone can help or tell me what to do that wont get me banned.
There is really no issues with releasing mods of skins here as long as you give proper credit to the original person who made the skin and not pass it off as another skin name or claiming it to be all your own.
A good example is the AEOn mod thread it clearly showed it was for AEON and said thanks to djh for all the work he did.
Things that may cause an issue is if Mntz doesn't want all the graphics open (Locked the xpr) and you just let everyone access them
Since it barely works anyhow that would be nice.If you want it tested shoot me a message.