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Full Version: button for favourites
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I would like to add favourites button in the dialogvideoinfo.xml window. Anyone know the code to use to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance.
i just tried adding it between the playbutton and the trailer button and it works using the following added to line 214 in DialogVideoinfo.xml, assuming your icons folder is same as estuary am using.
<include content="InfoDialogSmallButton" condition="!String.IsEqual(ListItem.DBType,tvshow) + !String.IsEqual(ListItem.DBType,season)">
                        <param name="id" value="438" />
                        <param name="icon" value="icons/favourites.png" />
                        <param name="onclick_2" value="ActivateWindow(favourites)" />
                        <param name="label" value="Favs" />