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Full Version: Adding diffuse texture to multiimages
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As requested before here and here.
Would be cool if it was possible Smile
Added as of revision 14350. Everything a normal image control has should be available to the multiimage.

Note that if you are diffusing through to transparent, then you'll get weird behaviour on the transistion. If you have a semi-transparent texture, then the fade between the two needs to be done quite a bit differently than it would normally.

Normally one fades the new image in over the top of the old, and then drops the old image out. This gives a constant luminosity across the fade. With transparent textures that doesn't work, ofcourse as you can see the previous picture underneath even when the new one is fully faded.

The solution isn't a crossfade - that gives around half the luminosity as the original image at the crossover point. One possibility is fading the image in, then fading the old image out, but then it takes twice as long to transistion as it should.

We do have code in place if we know the average transparency of the images we're dealing with, but most of the time we don't.

That's fast Smile
Thanks jmarshall