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Full Version: Renaming original files after scraping
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Just a short question:
I scraped my movie collection and after some minor adjustments, my library is organized.
However, i uncheked the rename file option before scraping.
Situatoin: Movie1.mkv -->appears as the correct title in library Movie1 1990
Now I want Kodi to rename all files according to the now correct title they have in den library.
How do i do that? Should be just the title and year

Thank you very much!

Sorry, I don't really understand. Maybe you can post a screenshot of what you want, which might help us understand.

Button 14 or 19 to upload images

Maybe you are referring to setting 2.2 here... https://kodi.wiki/view/Settings/Media/Vi...ary_titles
I added some movies and scraped with Universal Movie Scraper.
Now i have the correct movie in my library, e.g "Snatch"
The original filename of this movie ist Snactch.mkv and  it is shown in the movie section under "Snatch, 2010"
Now i want want Kodi to rename  the original Snatch.mkv with this correct title (Snatch, 2010).
Bassically renaming all original files on my harddrive according to their title in the movie section.

In theory: when i reinstall Kodi/different pc/etc i want the filename in a format which is 100% precise for a scraping software-->Title, subtitle, year of release
Kodi doesn't do that.  If you want to do that there are bulk rename utilities that can do it for you, but then you will have to dump your library and re-scan it all in again because if you change the filename after you have scanned it in, Kodi will be unable to find it again.
Ok, ive already tried tinymediamanager. Kodis scraping was already very good, some were mismatched because of multiple release years but thats it.
Anyway, thank you very much for your quick response!