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Full Version: Connecting Kodi on my mobile to a NAS through a VPN
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Hi everyone !

I have a Synology NAS at home to which I'd like to be able to connect even while travelling.

I set up a VPN server on the NAS and the VPN connection is working. However when I want to add the video drive as a source in Kodi on my mobile while connected through the VPN, it gives me an error stating that the drive couldn't be connected to. When my mobile is directly on the LAN, I can whatever I want.

Any idea why the VPN is affecting the Kodi/NAS connection ?

Thanks in advance !
Welcome to the forum.

Perhaps you haven't completely familiarized yourself with this forum's rules, but FYI there is also a VPN policy (wiki). In short, Kodi does not require a VPN for it to work properly.

Therefore, this thread will be moved to the Off-topic section for now as per Kodi's forum rules (wiki).
Which VPN type are you using (OpenVPN, IPSec etc)? And which protocol(s) are you making the shares available by (SMB, NFS etc)?

Have you set the permissions of the share up suitably to allow the log-in used by the VPN to access them? If you temporarily enable the guest account and give that access to the folder in question does it work?
Thanks for the move and the questions! I wasn't aware of the policy, sorry.

I am using a NSF drive with OpenVPN run by the VPN server app of Synology. I dug a bit more this week and discovered that the test device on which I want to install Kodi can't ping anything through the VPN (eventhough it's shown as connected from both server and client side). I'm using my Android phone so that might also be an issue eventhough I can't comprehend why it would be...

I'll test with a computer connected to my phone's hotspot and see how that goes.