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Full Version: Kodi scraping issues
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Hello all,

I tried to find a solution in another forum, but nobody could help me there, so this is my last try, and I think you guys are the experts Smile

I used an RP3 with OpenElec a few years ago as a media center on the TV. I named the movies after the Kodi naming convetion. The folder structure was also correct.
That means my folders are named like movietitle (date). My folder strucutre looked like that:
  • Movies
    • Movietitle (date)
      • Movietitle (date).mkv
    • Movietitle (date)
      • Movietitle (date).mkv
I wanted to set up a media center again with the movies I mentioned before and some new ones. I installed Kodi on a Win10 1909 computer for testing purposes.
I remeber back then that the scraping was easy and without issues. Now nothing works anymore...
I use the movie db as source. I have configured the settings correctly and started the scraping.

My test folder included 300 movies. Most are not recognized, many are recognized incorrectly...
For example, the film "The Visitors (1993)" is wrongly scanned. I get the movie "The Visitors (2012)"... But why? The date is written in the movie title and the german movie title is "Die Besucher". But the date should help you to find the right movie?
The movie "69 Tage Hoffnung (2015)" is not found at all, although it is shown on TheMovieDB in the same way. The folder and the file have the same name...

There is the log:

Do you have any idea's what I can do?

And sorry for my bad english, it's not my mother tongue :/

Yes, it is a bit of a mess in the log. Unfortunately you did not enable Debug Mode in Settings>System Settings>Logging, so I am unable to see the cause.

Please try again.

I got an error message that the log file is to large for upload with Kodi logfile uploader... It's 2,9mb.
Is it allowed to post the code directly into the forum?
No, please do not post directly on the forum.

That is a large log. You could try https://paste.ubuntu.com/ as they allow larger logs, or you might have to split the large log into separate pastes. Keep it to around 7000 lines per paste and it should fit.

sorry, tried it several times but got everytime a bad gatway message. So thats the reason it splitted it into 4 parts:




Your scraper is outdated by 3 versions. The current scraper is 5.1.10. Please update and try scraping again.
Wow okay, thats strange. I installed Kodi one month ago with a new setup downloaded from kodi.tv. Does this mean that the scrapers have to be updated manually?

I'm going to add all movies again to see if it's working now.

Thanks so far!
Okay, it works fine now. Thank you very much! I still don't understand how this can be. New installation and the scraper are outdated?!
The install file you downloaded contains the addons that were current at the time the install file was released. Of course addons are updated after this time, so what normally happens is that one of the first things Kodi does after installation is look for updated addons. But if you happen to have disabled auto-update then they would never update, or if you were not connected to the internet at the time of the install, the dowloadoad of the updates may be delayed.

Just check the global settings here... https://kodi.wiki/view/Settings/System/Add-ons

Also check the scraper setting that auto-update is enabled.
Okay, got it! Thanks Smile
Thread marked solved.