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Full Version: Composite (A Plex client)
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This is NOT an official Plex add-on and is not supported or endorsed by Plex

Browse and play video, music and photo media files managed by Plex Media Server

Composite should work "out of the box" in most cases, as the default allows for automatic server discovery. If this doesn't work, then discovery can be switched off, and a manually entered host name or IP address can be used. If you are watching remotely, or on a bandwidth limited network, switch on transcoding to reduce the media quality to one that works best for you.

This add-on is a fork of PleXBMC by hippojay. A lot has changed so do not expect a 1:1 experience if you've used PleXBMC in the past.

Composite can be found in the Official Kodi repository, see Installation for more information.


If you're experiencing an issue, please describe your issue with details that may help reproduce and only provide a complete debug log (wiki) if requested. Steps are taken to keep private details out of the debug log, but some connection related logging may still contain sensitive server related information. See post #4

If you'd like to help with translations see; Translation
In-Development Release: 1.X.X-dev
In-Development Repository: repository.composite_development-1.0.0.zip
In-Development Repository [Kodi 19]: repository.composite_development-1.0.0+matrix.1.zip
NOTE: This release may not work as expected, and requires testing. Please reports any issues

A stable release can be found on the official repository or https://github.com/anxdpanic/plugin.video.composite_for_plex/tree/v1.4.1
* Reserved
When posting a log;
  1. Enable debug logging
  2. Restart Kodi
  3. Reproduce your issue
  4. Disable debug logging
  5. Post your issue in this thread or on GitHub, including* the complete sanitized** debug log (wiki).
    * If you're concerned regarding your log, you're also welcome to PM or email (@ gmail) the log. Include a link to your forum post or GitHub issue in the PM or email.

    ** Before posting a log in this thread, it is suggested to sanitize it a bit first.
        Find and replace any server ip's with .'s or -'s, and any *Token=<token>.
        Try to replace things using a consistent representation. ie. is always replaced by 192.x.x.x, and is always replaced by 192.y.y.y
        The add-on hides this as best as possible but some leaks through with Kodi's logging.

The log will be subject to the forum rules (wiki) and banned addons (wiki) even when PM'd or e-mailed.
Thanks for this, it's working great. I was a long time user of PleXBMC so this updated version is most welcome Smile
Cool thanks for this....
Well, I'm impressed too. Thank you for this. The official Plex for Kodi client was a bit quirky for me and would hijack the Kodi player controls. Q
Resume playback seems to be broken using Kodi 18. It gives the Dialog box but when selected starts from the beginning of the episode.

I tried to replicate this behaviour using iPlayerWWW but that addon resumes as expected, so this appears to be a bug in Composite.
Thanks for reporting, can you please try the zip linked in post #2
It should hopefully resolve the issue
(2020-02-11, 23:55)anxdpanic Wrote: [ -> ]@FXB78 
Thanks for reporting, can you please try https://github.com/anxdpanic/plugin.vide...alpha1.zip 
It should hopefully resolve the issue
Yes 0.8.3.alpha1 looks to have fixed it, great job! Thanks @anxdpanic
So I'm currently a PlexKodiConnect user... but interested in trying this! Thank you for sharing it!
Buuuuut I don't want to bork my Kodi install, which seems pretty stable right now  Smile
Anyone know if I can try this on top of the system running PKC, or better to try on a separate Kodi install?
You should be okay using the add-on, it functions like any other video add-on. As far as PKC is concerned I think it'd be similar to watching from another device.
I've noticed a bit of a cosmetic issue where Rating is displayed instead of Duration.

If I go into On Deck or Recently Viewed Episodes it shows me the episode Duration, however if I go through Shows->Episodes it displays Rating (i.e. Recently Viewed Shows->Show->Season).

Could this be changed to always show Duration instead of Rating when going through the Show->Season file structure?

Recently Viewed Episodes:


Recently Viewed Shows->Show->Season:

I've updated post #2 with a link to the in-development release (you'll find the zip linked there).
With the ~alpha2 release, change Settings -> Look and Feel -> Episode sort method to Plex and you will have duration for episodes.
(2020-02-14, 17:08)anxdpanic Wrote: [ -> ]@FXB78 
I've updated post #2 with a link to the in-development release (you'll find the zip linked there).
With the ~alpha2 release, change Settings -> Look and Feel -> Episode sort method to Plex and you will have duration for episodes.
Thank you, I've checked the fix and choosing 'Plex' gives the duration when using Sort=Default Smile

I just have one more niggle with this if you don't mind taking a look, when using All Seasons view it shows the prefix 1x03 etc whereas in single season view the prefix isn't displayed. Would it be possible to retain the episode SxE prefix in single season view? Cheers, examples are shown below.

All Seasons:


Season 1:

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