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Full Version: Use TMDB to scrap TV-serie info as movie?
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TMDB is very strict and keeps apart TV series and movies.
But I know that some TV shows has been broadcasted as a movies (sometimes a shortened version).
Some films at TMDB disappeared because they were listed as TV series as well.

Now I wonder if it is possible to get the TMDB scraper to get info from the TV series and add it to my movies?
I'm not a programmer, but is it possible to redirect info to right places in a easy way?

If I run Universal Scrapper (IMDB) it works that way.
But unfortunately, the info in IMDB is only in English.
And I would rather only use TMDB if possible?

best regards
Thread moved to metadata scraper support section.
Scrape your TV Show as a TV Show first. That way you can download the data.
Run the Export to Separate Files to create nfo files which contain the metadata you need.
Open the nfo files and change <episode></episode> to <movie></movie>
Then move your files across to the movie source and update library.

I don't know if you have one file that contains all the episodes or you have a file for each episode. If you have one file for all the episodes, then that is easy, but if you have separate files for each episode, then you should leave it as a tv show.
That's pity,

It would be great if I could only typed the link to the TV-series in the nfo file for the movie and the TMDB Movie scraper could use the basic info from the TV-series.
Today, I do as you recommended, but there are so much info lost in the way.
And as I mentioned the TMDB people does not allow a full movie combined from different episodes from a mini TV-series.

I really wish I would be a skilled programmer that could contribute with this.

best regards
Bo Schöllin