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Full Version: TMM 3: 3x small improvement suggestions, 1x small bug report
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great work with v3. Got used to it by now very well. :-)

My 2 cents:

The reworked "scrape metadata for selected movies" dialog seems great and more mordern in some regards, but regarding the last dropdown menu "Select metadata to be scraped":

1a) Access to "select all" and "select none" is not so easy anymore. Any chance you could place these options outside of this dropdown menu as it was pre v3?
This would really be a help and feel more intuitive.

1b) The above mentioned dropdown menu is very packed with items but at the same time not very large in terms of height. Any chance to enlarge it a bit?

If i see correctly, TMM changed the old approach regarding tags. Tags are now fully scraped where in the past only the few "stinger" tags were used and everything else was filtered out.
Any chance for an purely optional option which would make it possible to have TMM work as in the past? (Ignore all tags but the stinger tags)?
If this is not possible or undesired by you, another possible variant to achieve old functionality would be to offer a new function via bulk editing which removes all tags but the stinger tags. Just an idea.

And i have (as it seems ? please correct me if i'm mistaken) a small bug report:

Standard use case:
When scraping a movie with imdb (imdb keywords-checkbox disabled; default) we now get a small number of what seems random? imdb tags.
I think so far this is as intended.
This small number of tags is missing real spaces, an imdb keyword "nick fury character" is scraped as "nick-fury-character" as it seems.
Maybe a smaller fix?

Thanks much, as always.