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Full Version: Add ZoomLevel to joystick.xml
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Hello, I would like to have the command ZoomLevel to raise and lower Zoom levels from the Xbox One / PS3 / PS4 control and I can't find the valid line to add.

That's how it was in Kodi Jarvis, where this is functional (and is not valid for Krypton):
<hat id="1" position="up">ZoomIn</hat>
<hat id="1" position="down">ZoomOut</hat>

Thanks in advance!
Think this post might be better served in the 'Game support' forum.
@PatK Ah, ok... As the function it was for 'pictures', I thought it might work here. Is for the part of <SlideShow>.

    <joystick profile="game.controller.default">
      <leftstick direction="left">AnalogMoveXLeft</leftstick>
      <leftstick direction="right">AnalogMoveXRight</leftstick>
      <leftstick direction="up">AnalogMoveYUp</leftstick>
      <leftstick direction="down">AnalogMoveYDown</leftstick>

I added <up> ZoomLevel3 </up> and <down> ZoomLevel2 </down> "to get out of trouble" for now; but I would like to press up/down (x) times to adjust the zoom level (as was in Jarvis). Maybe I don't express myself correctly in the previous post.
Hi NemRe,

I'm the dev behind the new joystick system. I'm a little lost as to how zooming did/should work. Can you expand on your explanation? what are zoom levels?
Hello @garbear! Thanks for your interest.

It would be more or less this: If I press UP once, that the Zoom be adjusted to ZoomLevel 1, if I press UP again, it will be adjusted to ZoomLevel 2 and so on (and the same to reduce it)... Basically, having the ZoomLevel (on the keyboard keys 1~9) in the console controller UP/DOWN (just like Jarvis had).

If necessary, I could record a video of the process in Jarvis. Greetings ^^
Maybe a video would be best. I'm still unsure what "zoom level" means.
@garbear I try to explain once more just in case: In Kodi Jarvis if you press UP (just once) in the controller while visualizing an image, a predefined Zoom is applied ('ZoomLevel1'), if you press UP again (just once), another predefined Zoom is applied again ('ZoomLevel2')... And if then press DOWN (just once) the Zoom is reduced (ZoomLevel1), for example.

With ZoomLevel I mean this: 3) Picture slide show controls - https://kodi.wiki/view/Keyboard_controls

In Kodi Krypton/Leia this has changed and now if you press UP a 'Direct Zoom' is applied (23% ~ 56% ~ 87%) as long as you keep it pressed (which makes reading comics difficult to adjust the zoom); the same to reduce.

I would like to have a command in joystick.xml which allows me to have a control of the Zoom Level applied in the UP/DOWN keystrokes and the most feasible thing I see is to have what Kodi Jarvis already had (every time you pressed, only once each time, UP/DOWN you increased or decreased the Level of Zoom in controlfully). After this, I would only have to show it to you with a video xD

And one last question, can be hide the "icon/window" that appears when you zoom in an image? Although you may not know it of course, but could you ask to other members? Thanks again ^^