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Full Version: Drive Mapping - Adding source issue
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Hi all,

I've just started using XBMC and so far like the interface and the options. The problem is that XBMC has some standard drive mappings that appear in the log file:

Quote:19:29:16 T:2124 M:1230729216 NOTICE: Mapping drive Q to J:\Program Files\XBMC
19:29:16 T:2124 M:1230655488 NOTICE: Mapping drive U to J:\Program Files\XBMC
19:29:16 T:2124 M:1230647296 NOTICE: Mapping drive Z to J:\Documents and Settings\Stuart\Application Data\XBMC\cache
19:29:16 T:2124 M:1230647296 NOTICE: Mapping drive T to J:\Documents and Settings\Stuart\Application Data\XBMC\UserData
19:29:16 T:2124 M:1230405632 NOTICE: -----------------------------------------------------------------------
19:29:16 T:2124 M:1230401536 NOTICE: Starting XBMC, Platform: Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 build 2600. Built on Jul 15 2008 (compiler 1500)

Quote:19:29:16 T:2124 M:1230176256 NOTICE: Mapping drive P to J:\Documents and Settings\Stuart\Application Data\XBMC\UserData

My issue? I actually have a P, Q, T, U, and Z drive! My Q drive being a 750gb where all the TV shows are and my P drive has a combination of TV and Movies. So naturally when I go to Add Source to add all the content to the library it doesn't let me at all - it just goes to J:\Program Files\XMBC\ - the only source that works is my W drive which isn't internally mapped.

Is there a way to either turn off or change these internal mappings? I've looked in the XML but can't see anything obvious.


PS Yes I really do have all those drives Smile
The only way to change those drive mappings is by modifying the code.

Q: is the application root
U: is the user root (For Win32 I've always seen this the same as Q. I think only linux makes use of this since its a concurrent multi-user os. Skins and stuff are checked from both these locations.)
P: is the current user's profile location
T: is the master user's profile location
Z: is the cache location

These drive mappings occur in Application.cpp, but they may be referenced elsewhere. (Though I agree with you. These drive mappings are a carry over from the original Xbox version and should be deprecated eventually for full paths.)
Hi kraqh3d,

Thanks for the quick response. I'll have to grab the source and have a look.

For now I've found a workaround (share the root folders I want to access and add an SMB source thats on my local machine) but it's naturally a little clunky. Obviously since I doubt many people have as many drives as I do, this isn't a priority to remove the mappings, but any idea when this is on the timeline?

This is legacy code from the Xbox and can't be removed easily. We're thinking of removing it completely and exchange it with some special:// urls for all ports but this will take time and nobody started it yet afaik Sad
Have you looked at mount points in windows?
It's a way to mount a drive/partition to a folder on another drive/partition. Much like Linux. Might be useful for you to free up some driveletters
Hi mace,

Yeah I know all about NTFS drive mappings to directories - and while I could do that, I'd probably end up having to reorganise my entire PC. Having 8 drives connected gets tricky sometimes Smile
Have to reorganize a raid volume