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Full Version: Generic Album Scraper
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Python based album scraper for Kodi 19 Matrix (and up).

metadata is fetched from these sources:
  • allmusic
  • discogs
  • musicbrainz
  • theaudiodb
  • wikipedia

artwork is fetched from these sources:
  • allmusic
  • cover art archive
  • discogs
  • fanart.tv
  • theaudiodb

supported artwork types:
  • 3dcase
  • 3dface
  • 3dflat
  • back
  • discart (multi-discart)
  • spine
  • thumbnail

If you have issues with this scraper, please post a Debug Log!
You will receive NO support without a debug log.
It seems to work fine for me as long each track is a single file.
As soon it is a multitrack album then just the first track is displayed and all other getting ignored. There are several albums, mostly flac, that are just one file with 10 or so tracks. They are all perfectly tagged and it worked with Kodi 18 quite well, with 19 not so much.


Thanks for the response. On a new Kodi profile it works for the multitrack albums as well. Most likely something is off with my set-up. Will check that first, before posting again.
@MeC!as please post a Debug Log of scraping one of those albums and i'll have a look.
Awesome work! Thanks for the support of album covers.

I hope to see some new skins take advantage of them soon Big Grin
I’m not sure what’s occurring on my set-up (if that...) but when I go into either of the generics and use the configuration then go out and perform a manual update - the generic album and artist scraper file disappears. I have since set my defaults as the universal for the system. Anyway, I’ve gone back in and in my settings it shows up again. I don’t get any errors so I don’t know how I could send a log file unless you want the whole thing.
(2021-03-04, 15:02)livejize Wrote: [ -> ]the generic album and artist scraper file disappears.
What do you mean disappear? Disappear from where?
I'm thinking in ways to improve the music section of my skin and wondering whether it would be possible to scrape the links to the music videos provided by theaudiodb. The goal would be to let the users play them while browsing albums/artists, kind of what is currently possible with trailers for movies... Is that feasible? Thanks!
someone would to add support for that in kodi first.
the info the scraper provides gets stored in the music database, but there's no field for musicvideos.
also the necessary infolabels for skinners need to be added.

once that's implemented, updating the scraper for musicvideo support is quite easy.
Thanks, it's a pity, because it could be a cool feature...

While testing the latest change in Artist scraper I noticed that there's another artwork missing, this time for albums, it's 3D thumb...

thanx again, added that as well:
Thanks! It works fine.
Also confirming it works here:

Hi! Thanks for this add-on!

In my collection I have several albums in different sound formats (ex: [24bit/88kHz] or [5.1 Surround]). I add that info in the album name, for example "Marillion - Fugazi [5.1 Surround]", and I want to keep it that way so I can recognize the different versions of the same album. However, since the info in brackets is in the album name, the scraper can't find the album and the right images are not fetched. Is there a way to tell the scraper to ignore the info between the [ ] brackets? Thanks!
(2022-02-08, 21:32)ronie Wrote: [ -> ]thanx again, added that as well:
I think that this version wasn't updated in the official Kodi repo. Could you please do so? Thanks!
yeah, guess it's about time... :-)