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jezz.... may I bow?
How do I play back a DVD in this skin?
Great skin - I've been using it for the whole past week now, and I'm really liking it!

The only thing so far I've found that I want to use other than PMIII!
Kricker, that's one of the few negative aspects of Vision2 and Mark-III, the lack of a play DVD botton.
The simpler way is to go to file manager and run the DVD from there, if you use it a lot maybe you want to add a botton to Home Screen to run the dvd.
Check the Vision2 topic, i've posted there how to do that.

Jezz_x please add a button to MARK-III and ViSion2 Smile
kricker Wrote:How do I play back a DVD in this skin?

I useally have a dvd drive share in each section ( so I can access the contents of DVD's ) and open up the context menu on it and click play disc
I'll look at the vision2 thread, as the wife and kid are gonna need a simple "Play DVD" button when a DVD is in the drive. Navigating thru the file manager or accessing the content of the DVD drive isn't gonna fly.
Thanks for your time on making this skin.
Rookie Wrote:Thanks for your time on making this skin.

your very welcome
Gonna try this when I get home. I second or third the DVD drive button any chance you would put it in for us xbox users. Thanks for your time with this skin looks amazing as does Vision 2.
Another easy workaround is to add a botton to your Userdata/Keymap.xml.
In global remote section, add this:
This way it will work on other skins as well.
sry :S it's:
not "XBMX"
Amazing skin Jezz X, loved Vision 2, but I missed some list views etc... and Mark III is Vision 2 upgraded and more complete.
Both are great but Mark III is my new fav.

I'll try to make a theme for it.

Nice job again. Big Grin
I've made a swedish translation but there are some strings in home.xml that does not work with the swedish language.
e.g. <label>$LOCALIZE[31052] $LOCALIZE[5]</label>
It's not big deal but it's supposed to be one word in swedish and not two

Great skin btw although I must say that I don't like all of the backgrounds. E.g. the background for movies, I don't think that the red color on the seats goes very well with the other blue stuff but maybe thats just me. I love all the nice views and animation and that makes me use it instead of vision 2.
Anybody else getting issues with get thumb's on this skin for movies. What happened for me now on 2 occasions which I've tried is the progress animation spins around for 5 - 10 minutes then comes back with no new thumbs to display.
It is due to issues with MoviePosterdb.com. I suggest disabling fetching thumbs/posters from there (Set Content->Settings).

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