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Full Version: Simple question: Should "Scan to library" in context menu be recursive or not?
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my movie setup is simple.
          | Movie in folder-
                                  | movie01.mkv

If I browse to "Movies" and chose "Scan to library" it says "No movies found".
If I go to the Movie in Folder folder, the scan is successful.

Is this WAD or a bug?
It depends whether you've selected recursion or not when you set the source up.

If you're not sure, go into the context menu and select change content. That will take you to the same screen you were presented with when you did the set-up, with those settings as the current configuration.
Thank you. My source is set up as recursive. However, I would have to individually chose the movie folders only then it works.
If I chose the top folder, it says "no movies found".
I thought this might be a bug, I filed it in Github but it was closed for being a "support question".
What do I do now?
Post a Debug Log which captures the failed scraping.
(2020-02-13, 20:04)Karellen Wrote: [ -> ]Post a Debug Log which captures the failed scraping.
The failed scraping is not catched in the log. Started it around 20:06. Nothing even there after that.
Ok. Then there is nothing we can do for you.
So I'm stuck.
DarrenHill mentioned that the recursive option should be as I have set it in the scraper (scraping works fine if I start update library for example).
It's not captured in the logs.
Can't file a bug report, because it's treated as a support question.

If anyone has the same problem, they can find the answer here.
If you just provide the damn log, then maybe somebody will be able to help you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!