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Full Version: adding video sources
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I added my movies from laptop via upnp but i can't see them on movies or tv shows order. only i can see them via upnp with list and this  looks not nice. help please

server vaio kodi 18.5  no vpn no antivirus

tv client kodi 18.5
You cannot populate the library using uPnP. Use another network protocol like SMB or NFS.
UPnP itself is not compatible with Kodi's own video library. You will have to "scrape" your video collection using a video source via (preferably) the SMB or NFS file protocol, to see posters and fanart inside Kodi.

See https://kodi.wiki/view/Adding_video_sources
smb or nfs not working i did everything. is there any easy way like upnp
(2020-02-15, 19:15)asdas Wrote: [ -> ]smb or nfs not working i did everything.

Everything, huh? Sorry, but UPnP cannot be used as a basis for Kodi's video or music libraries.
i disabled my firewall win10
server name with ip or pfad name tryed
i gived everyone write read access on my folder

what shoul i do
Disabling a firewall shouldn't be necessary.
Windows 10 and Kodi are now defaulting to SMBv2 (and higher), which means two things for SMB in general:
- Network browsing is no longer supported
- Windows shares are to be linked to a user account that is also password-protected.

You will need to manually add a network location in Kodi's GUI, and enter all relevant details for the SMB source.
NFS is not a default available network protocol, but there are 3rd party solutions.