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Full Version: Sound info on screen?
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If I press the ok button on my remote when viewing a show or film a menu appears at the bottom of the screen with all sorts of useful info.Time,year,title,finish time etc.Is there any way this could include sound format ? e.g.2 channel,5.1 etc.

Sorry if it has been asked elsewhere but I could not find the answer.
you'll have to press the info button on your remote to view those things.

I do get the bottom icons appear but on the left is pause,stop,foward,backward etc icons.
On the right is icons for a speaker,camera,plus and equals sign and an info symbol.
To get any more about sound,picture etc I have topress the relevant icon.
In your pic.all the info is displayed after one press of the button.Sorry cannot post a pic.
Hopefully this will work
The link you presented showed only the standard OSD in Transparency! I've stacked the two available OSD displays tthe image on the bottom is available form the I key or a couple of right mouse clicks toggling between. Suggest you remap a remote key for the keyboard 'i'


For the last couple of years I have been using my tv remote to control both Kodi and tv.
I am not sure I can achieve what you suggest just using that.
(2020-02-15, 08:55)roysmith Wrote: [ -> ]I am not sure I can achieve what you suggest just using that.
You've been using a TV remote for years, does that mean you've had access to this information screen previously? Remapping a remote for a keyboard key is not rocket science, but requires a bit of diligence and some editing software skills. Keymap (wiki) gives a link to the editor and locations of the files that need adjustments. I've been using a FLIRC (wiki) for years and it allows any remote (including your TV remote) to be used with a dedicated Kodi map set-up. An alternative is one of the wireless media controllers such as the Logitech M830 or wireless keyboard mouse combinations.