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Full Version: File install Kodi off line on xbox one s
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hi, I wanted to know if there is an installation file and a procedure to install KODI, so, offline, via xbox one s via ftp or ssh,
I wanted to know this procedure and installation file in case kodi will in a few years no longer be present in the windows store, and if I perform a reset or send xbox to technical assistance, I have files and procedure to restore kodi

kodi is a free service and free license I don't think there should be problems with the installation file

what is the procedure to enter via ssh or via ftp and the file? thank you so much to those who help me
in case kodi will in a few years no longer be present in the windows store
as xbox on s will still be compatible Xbox Series X  AMD x86/ https://www.xbox.com/en-AU/consoles/xbox-series-x
x86 hardware
Computers and appliance devices with an x86 processor (a "desktop class" computer with a "normal" Intel or AMD x86/x86-64 based CPU) are the usually the most power-full and most stable option for an dedicated Kodi powered HTPC (Home Theater PC) / media center computer.
Using standard x86 computer hardware provides a great amount of flexibility and can be made from spare parts, old laptop/desktop computers, or new dedicated hardware, and as such are also by definition upgradable.