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Full Version: Playing 4k videos on Xbox Causes crash of kodi
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When trying to play 4k files on the xbox one s it now cause a crash completely out of kodi. 

behowuzowo (paste)
Any further information regarding this?
(2020-04-17, 05:11)Hudson_Hawk04 Wrote: [ -> ]Any further information regarding this?

Same on Xbox One X. I truly love Kodi, but the Xbox One App is a mess and it's really frustrating for me and my friends.

Which 4k .mkv containers you are using right now and do you have the same issue with 1080p?
I believe that the 1080 files I have are laying correctly, if I recall correctly I am having an issue with KODI not remembering a share password but I don’t know if that’s related to a whole other issue.

Just frustrating for me as this really was the reason I dropped the money on it in the first place

The containers for all files are .mkv
update, not sure why this worked at all but deleting 18.6 then doing a fresh install seems to have fixed my 4k playback issue
I have a somewhat same issue, it's always been there and is still there on 18.7 as well.
With hardware acceleration off, 4k (I only have x265 MKV files, so don't know if others would work) either does not play at all or plays slow and choppy, but all 1080p files play perfectly. Hardware acceleration on, 4k plays perfectly, 1080p x265 plays perfectly, any resolution x264 has a green screen for a few seconds at start and ff/rew.

Not sure if one can do anything about it, short of ripping everything with x265.