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Full Version: Getting Kodi to read all folders...
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I decided to rip my entire DVD (and eventually Blu-ray) library for easy access. Using MakeMKV, I ripped all my movies and am at about half way through the TV when I decided to look at frontends. I think this was likely a mistake not to start there before ripping.
Kodi reads all the movies with no problem. However... The TV Shows are another story. When using MakeMKV to rip my TV shows I ripped them to "X:/TV/SHOW TITLE/SEASON #/DISC #" for easy organization.
Kodi seems to be unwilling to dig that deep into the file structure. When I point it to the TV directory, it sets up the shows easily enough but doesn't give any access to the episodes at all... I've ripped a few hundred TV discs already and it would be insane to redo the entire file structure now, especially when all the episode titles would need to be renamed as well seeing as they all are titled title_t00.mkv title_t01 title_t02 etc..
Is there a plugin that would allow Kodi to parse this? Or a script that would rename/organize such a file structure so that Kodi COULD parse it properly? Does anyone know why Kodi doesn't just look at all the directories by default, especially when it comes to TV series. I didn't think my system of organization was that odd or obscure, but it seems it was.

I'm sure someone on these forums has had this problem before, I tried searching a bunch of different ways but cannot seem to find the right post, so apologies if this has been answered dozens of times.
Kodi and all online databases are based on a TV Show that contain episodes. Disc numbers are irrelevant as these can be different depending on whether it is dvd, bluray, collectors releases, mass release and even which country it was purchased from.

You are using MakeMKV to rip, but what format are you ripping them into? You should be ripping them into individual episodes.

Yes, you should have done your research before starting your mammoth task but at least half your tv shows will be done correctly now that you have learnt.

There is no add-on that will parse what you have done. Where would the disc>episode conversion data come from?

You could use mult-episode naming of your files... https://kodi.wiki/view/Naming_video_file...i-Episodes

I recommend you read the How To guide in full and rip to individual episodes otherwise everything you do will be a lot more difficult than it needs to be.
I didn't rip any of them as "Play All" files. I did rip them all as separate episodes. Basically, X:/TV/SHOW TITLE/SEASON 1/DISC 1/ contains the first 4 episodes named title_t00.mkv title_t01.mkv title_t02.mkv title_t03.mkv then X:/TV/SHOW TITLE/SEASON 1/DISC 2/ would be episodes 5-8 named the same way and so on... So it would seem the default naming that MakeMKV applies to videos is what cannot be parsed.

So yeah, it seems I messed up not renaming the episodes to something like S01e01 etc. as I went. I did figure it was likely something like that (and now looking at your howto confirmed as much), that's why I also asked if someone knew of a script that would reorganize them because a script would likely be able to do it in a minute but it would take a hell of a lot to organize and rename about 3000 episodes by hand.  Sad
I'll have to rename them by season, but I found Advanced Renamer which will make things much quicker, so I guess mark this as solved.  Nod
One other item ... did you install addon to scrap the TV episores the TVMaze of TVDB?  This may solve your problem as Kodi on its own does not scrap.