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Full Version: GSoC 2020 Questions & some doubts
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Hello everyone! I wanted to introduce myself and had a few doubts which I wanted to clear up before I submitted my draft proposal. I found Kodi's projects very interesting and have great fluency in C++, design patterns, Git and thus think I'm a good fit for some of the projects and they're within my capabilities. While not new to development and programming, I am relatively new to open-source but I'm getting a good familiarity with how things work - so go easy on me!

I had these questions:
1) So, the application overview says to "Describe a somewhat small but explanatory walkthrough of the project". This walkthrough is how I would personally approach the project I've found interesting (from the ideas list) or some new idea I want to see in the live build?

2) The guide also states "If the project can't be done after this perhaps its better to opt for a smaller one or one with subgoals." What if my proposal is towards an existing idea from the ideas page? Does the above statement only apply when I'm suggesting a new idea?

3) So I had a look through the available ideas and found a good fit in 3-4 of them. My question is when I'm submitting a proposal, do I submit the proposal for one specific project or as a combination of them? For example, if 4.7 & 4.11 are a good match for me, do I submit 1 proposal in which I explain both of them? Or different ones for each specific project?

4) What is the recommended length of the proposal, if there is one? And are there any tips to have a better chance of selection?

1) You describe the project you will apply for, not matter if it's from our ideas list or your own idea.

2) The generally is only needed if it's a new idea. If it's ours, we know it's possible to do in 3 months and if you apply for it, you agree that you have the potential/ability to not take much longer than that.

3) You submit separate proposals for each project idea you're interested in, even if it's for the same project. Sidenote: remember that Google only allows a total of 3 proposals this year.

4) It depends, but I'd say 2-3 pages is the optimum. What matters in being selected is mostly whether we think you can do it. You can convince us of that by pushing good PRs, your track record (C++ experience, experience working on large projects, etc), showing enthusiasm, being active on the forum/IRC, etc.
Also, you increase your chances by applying for more than 1 project idea, especially if it's not very popular/competitive. We only have so many mentors & student slots.