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Full Version: 6 - No new TV Show Tiles/Thumbnails after 18.6 Upgrade
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I have been a very happy KODI user for several years, and several months ago, started using the Aura skin.  About the same time as the skin change, I switched to using the HDHomeRun DVR PVR Client by djp952 with the HDHomeRun RECORD backend by Silicon Dust.

Everything has been working fine until this week, when I noticed that although new TV shows are recording properly, they are not showing up on my Active Recordings screen.  I have to go to Videos > Files > Video Sources to find/watch them.

The other thing I did this week was upgrade from 18.5 to 18.6...so I believe this is an 18.6 problem.

My log file has been uploaded to https://paste.kodi.tv/eluloxuxer.

I'd appreciate any help in resolving this...TIA...Chuck
As your using @djp952 addon, you may have more immediate response from him over in his thread at the SD forums


Hes very responsive, so you may get quicker support there.
As an FYI for anyone that finds this thread in the future, the ultimate problem was with the HDHomeRun RECORD server.  The user reinstalled the RECORD server and the recordings showed up.  One way to troubleshoot this on current RECORD firmware is to use a browser to navigate to my.hdhomerun.com, and then select the RECORD server instance tile.  There will be a "Recorded Files" link presented, click through that.  The @djp952 addon uses the same information presented here, so if this list is incorrect the addon list will also be incorrect.  In this case the best course of action is to contact SiliconDust, as it could be a defect/concern with the RECORD server, but reinstalling the RECORD server may also resolve the problem.

If in the future the official Kodi pvr.hdhomerun addon supports Recordings from the SiliconDust RECORD server, this information may become valuable Smile