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Full Version: A new implementation of Chorus2
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Hello, my name is Zeping Bai, from China.

I'm interested in project "A new web interface". I read a part of Chorus2's code and KODI's documents about JSON-RPC API, experimented with the current KODI version, and learned how Chorus2 Web Controller works. I noticed that the data structure of JSON-RPC API output has structural, which is easy to be described by a programming language similar to TypeScript, which will improve the efficiency of development and the reliability of the program.

I have some experience in JavaScript&TypeScript and React development. At the same time, I am also learning how to use Elm and Svelte. But, I don't have the experience of participating in a large open source project. I hope to learn something from participate in this part of the work and get Mentor's help.

Thank you!

PS - I used some translation tools to help me write posts. If there is any offence or ambiguity, I'm really sorry.
Hey there, nice to have you, if you have some specific question, feel free to ask here.