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Full Version: Kodi 18.6 crashes with Focusrite Soundcard.
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The last month i have problems with Kodi 18.6 on Windows 10.
Every time i start a video playback, Kodi crashes.
I found out, that if i change the audio output in windows to another audio output (from motherboard or my logitech speakerset), no crashes.
This is what i allready tried:

Change the Sample rate 44100 to 192000
Change the buffer size: 128 to 1024
Remove the Focus drivers and reinstal afther reboot.
Reinstall Kodi
Reinstall Kodi UWP.
I Also try to change the audio output in Kodi (Default, Default WASAPI, Focusrite, Focusrite WASAPI,...)

I really hope that somebody can help me, because it would be stupid te use an extra speakerset only for Kodi on my PC.