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Full Version: Many movies not being scraped by either imdb or tmdb
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Scratching my head off. Many famous movies are not added to the library because it cannot find information. When you visit thmd.org and search for it manually it finds it. 
I have inlcuded the debug log, and it shows an api call. If you put in the api call directly in a browser, indeed it doesn't find it.

In the log you see, for example the following api query generated: 

Which gives a result: {"page":1,"total_results":0,"total_pages":0,"results":[]}

Now if you take of the last part of the query and put this in your browser, it gets a result:

This happens with many movies, movies that workd fine before. Please some help could be good. 
The log can be found here

Somehow the log was to big for paste.kodi.tv
Okay found the answer myself. Very stupid but somehow missed out Use video-tags ... I know it is mentioned everywhere. But I thought it had to be set with scraper settings.
My fault.
Thread marked solved.